The Children’s Liturgy at Saint Francis de Sales, Hampton Hill

We are delighted to welcome the young children of the parish to share the Gospel with them in a fun and interactive way.

Children should be dropped at 8.50am in the little room on the side of the church hall. We are sorry we will not be able to accept children arriving after 9am.

Children will be brought back to the church for the offertory when they will bring their work to the Priest. The work will be left at the foot of the altar where you can pick it up at the end of mass.

If they are not on the rota, parents should go to mass and not stay in the room with the children. We kindly ask that parents sit towards the back of the church on the right hand side so we can easily find you when we bring the children back or if they get unsettled at any time.

We welcome children from the age of 4 to 8 – until they receive their First Holy Communion.

We are sorry we can not accommodate children under the age of 4 (at least for the moment, we might open a crèche for the younger ones in the future).

The Children’s Liturgy is run by volunteers on a rota basis, if you can help, please let one of the helpers know and we will add you to the rota. All volunteers have to be DBS checked which is organised by the Parish.

The Children’s Liturgy will run every Sunday except during the school holidays or when there is a Family Mass (usually the Third Sunday of the month).